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Poland has been positioning itself as the Silicon Valley of Europe and with success. Today it is an innovation hub for tech companies and it mirrors in many ways its bigger and more famous sibling. Big names like Google, Akamai, Uber and Cisco have opened research and development centers here and in their wake a wave of high-tech start-ups have popped up that are active in video game design, telco, mobile application development and fintech.

EU and US companies continue to create more jobs in the Polish tech industry and are outperforming each other to be seen as the employer of choice for the top talent in the region. This has created a shortage of talent and with this an increased demand for great recruiters to find them.

One could argue that it has become even more difficult to find a good recruiter than it is to find an experienced IT specialist.

A whole industry is created around recruitment process outsourcing organisations that specialise in managing or coordinating the recruitment process but the art of sourcing and recruiting has been lost.

We want to change that. 
Our recruiters know the market, candidates, salaries and benefits. They are able to find the talent you need and get them in front of your hiring managers, all while being based onsite in your office.

With our help our clients are able to scale their talent acquisition teams for short or long term projects so they can concentrate their valuable time on their core business.


Your in-house recruiter is trained by us to take care of part or full recruitment process. Our recruiters love to recruit and deliver more than recruitment administrators.


We understand that your recruitment needs are changing. That's why we offer short and long term in-house solutions.


We take care of the full employee life cycle. We manage contracts, payroll and continuous training.

I would highly recommend using Davis Nolan. They are a fresh new team who are keen to provide the best service. They understand and provide suitable candidates for any position

Helen Brennan

I can wholeheartedly recommend Davis Nolan as the professional and fully trusted Partner with the recruitment process realisation in the IT industry.

Dominika Guran
Axit A Siemens Company


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